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Entrance Doors

Ital Styl Entrance Doors

of wood and aluminium
The entrance door is a prime important element of the house, which must meet both the required level of security, but also an impeccable functionality. The innovative closing/opening systems that are part of the Ital Styl entrance doors give them premium features. Our doors have technical specifications that ensure a very good tightness, anti-burglary resistance, thermal and sound insulation and durability over time.

Models of entrance doors

The aesthetic aspect is important because the entrance door represents us, being practically a business card of the house. From the design perspective we have two categories of entrance doors: Modern, Classic. In terms of the materials from which they are made, they can be made of wood or wood clad with aluminum on the outside.


out of the two categories


Our colleagues are at your disposal to help you opt for the optimal option adapted to your home.




The entrance doors offered by Ital Styl are specially designed to offer the expected level of comfort but also a special aesthetic appearance.


The accessories that enter the entrance doors offer the highest degree of safety. We include the most advanced and innovative locking systems.

Quality hardware

The components and materials that come into the entrance doors meet the highest quality standards and ensure a long-term use.

Custom style

Do you want a model that is not presented in our catalogs ? We offer solutions adapted to any situation to meet any requirements.

Entrance door construction

The components of the entrance doors - an example from the modern range, with aluminum on the outside and stainless steel bar type handle. The example in the picture is a door with side skylights with decorated glass and fingerprint closure system.

Entrance Doors


Stratified wood doors

thickness: 68 mm, 78 mm, 92 mm

Aluminum-clad laminated wood doors

thickness: 68 mm, 78 mm, 92 mm


thickness: 75 mm, 94 mm

full aluminiuM DOORS

thickness: 75 mm, 94 mm


used in the manufacture of joinery

The wood essences from which the entrance doors are made of laminated wood are:

  • Oak
  • Meranti
  • Pine

Other materials which are part of the entrance doors:

  • aluminum (aluminum-plated doors)
  • tempered glass, decorated (sandblasted, etc.)
  • metal decorative elements (protective grilles)

Closure systems

The entrance doors can be optionally equipped with innovative locking systems with a high degree of security:
- Intelligent locking systems with e-Key fingerprint

- WinkHaus multiple closing systems: AutoLock Av3 and BlueMatic EAV3 (details on




  • In plain sight
  • Hidden

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Entrance Doors

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