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Interior Doors, Entrance Doors, Patio Doors, Windows, Parquet

The interior doors created by us are designed to integrate perfectly into the environment they will be part of, distinguishing themselves by the high quality of the materials and the special design.
From the manufacturing system standpoint, the design being of classic or modern inspiration, our models of interior doors are grouped into 6 different collections: Modern, Style, Baroque, Sara, Graf, E-line.
Elements of these types of doors can be combined with different types of door frames, casing, accessories, can have a wide range of finishes in order to adapt to the style of your home.
Ital Styl produces entrance doors made of laminated wood and custom-made aluminum. Given the aesthetics and construction, two categories of entrance doors are distinguished: classic and modern. If we refer to the materials used for their manufacture, the entrance doors can be: doors built entirely of laminated wood or laminated wood doors clad with aluminum on the outside.
Ital Styl manufactures and markets custom-made laminated wood and aluminum windows. For hundreds of years, wood has been the basic solution in making carpentry. Basically, if until about 20 years ago the idea of carpentry was equivalent to wood carpentry, the technological advances of the modern era have allowed the use of new materials in the field of carpentry, created to eliminate its deficiencies. But nothing compares to a wooden carpentry to make your home a welcoming place. Wood retains an important share of the carpentry market, being the favorite of those who opt for a more natural arrangement of the house. This advantage is obtained by using stratified wood as a solution to increase the durability over time of the carpentry.
Ital Styl offers you the highest quality laminated wood flooring, recommended for underfloor heating systems. We offer a wide range of finishes and shades.
We perform on request special wooden paneling for exceptional interiors. The works in our portfolio can give you an idea of the aesthetic effect that a specially finished wooden clad surface can have.

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