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Interior Doors

Interior Doors by Ital Styl

adapted to the interior of your home
The interior doors created by us are designed to integrate perfectly into the environment they will be part of, to be part of a welcoming and harmonious ensemble. The experience of almost 18 years recommends our doors that are distinguished by the high quality of materials, finishes and great design. Every day we often meet and interact with interior doors. They are part of everyone's life and that is why they must be as we want them to be: aesthetically pleasing, but also practical, to open and close easily, without noise and as tightly as possible, to soundproof, to look just as good and after a long time since they were mounted.
That's why we offer you the doors that you will always want to reopen.

Models of interior doors

Considering the manufacturing system, but also the design, of classic or modern inspiration, the models of interior doors are grouped into 6 different collections: Modern, Style, Baroque, Sara, Graf, E-line.


of the 6 collections of models


Our colleagues are at your disposal to help you opt for the optimal option adapted to your home.

Types of interior doors

CLASSIFICATION according to construction and closing/opening system


- doors with hinged opening system (opening "push right/left push")


- wall interior sliding
- sliding exterior wall
- sliding between the walls (one door leaf slides past a fixed one)
- telescopic sliding (sliding doors consisting of 2 or 3 door sheets that slide side by side)

Interior door components

- door frame / door lining / door casing / hinge types -


Whether we are talking about a simpler, minimalist, modern model, or we are dealing with the elegance and refinement of the classic, the design is the one with which we resonate instantly, involuntarily. From the models presented in our showroom or catalogs, you will surely also find the one that suits your style.

Quality accessories

The quality of a finished product can be seriously questioned if certain accessories are chosen at random. If one opts for a range of cheaper accessories and of course of lower quality, then the chances of frustrations appearing are high even if the main components are of impeccable quality.

Custom models

Do you want a special model that is not found in the collections in our catalogs? Our adaptability can put into operation even the ideas that come out of the usual patterns. We are open to challenges in terms of aesthetics. Inspiration comes from you too!


Design is the key element in the production process of interior doors. Even when we do not have a clearly defined style, the designed model often successfully combines elements from different styles to offer a unique product, in accordance with the ideas of the beneficiary. The peculiarities of each house impose dimensions that condition the final solutions.

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Interior doors

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