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Parquet made of laminated wood

and plinth
Ital Styl manufactures and markets laminated wood flooring, specially designed for underfloor heating systems. Having in its composition natural wood, Ital Styl parquet contributes to the maintenance of a healthy microclimate. We offer you the right parquet, chosen so that it harmonizes aesthetically with the interior doors and other elements of the interior, in order to have a truly comfortable and welcoming home. Plinths have an important role in this chapter, and we are ready to help you complete the interior design projects.

Parquet and plinths

Ital Styl manufactures and markets laminated wood flooring. The parquet offered by us is recommended for underfloor heating systems. Finishing technique: bathing / varnishing (see physical samples).


from a wide range of parquet / plinth finishes


Our colleagues are at your disposal to help you opt for the optimal option adapted to your home.

The structure of the parquet

Laminated wood flooring - specially designed for underfloor heating systems. The structure of this type of material gives the necessary strength to significant temperature changes.


The parquet offered by Ital Styl is specially designed to offer the expected level of comfort but also a special aesthetic appearance.

Material Quality

The materials that are part of the wooden parquet are carefully selected. Natural wood provides durability and strength over time.

Heating systems parquet

The parquet offered by Ital Styl is suitable for underfloor heating systems, being made of solid wood and multilayer plywood.

How to choose

Depending on the air conditioning system of the house but also on the specifics of the interior design, we opt for the right type of parquet.

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