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Materials / exterior joinery finishes


entrance doors / windows
Entrance doors can have finishes as close as possible to the natural color of the wood. For this purpose, the process of bathing and varnishing is used, a process that allows to highlight the natural appearance of the wood fiber, which remains visible.

The possibilities of finishing are not limited to the natural appearance of the wood. The opaque painting process – coating with a coat of paint using colors from the RAL palette – is used to obtain much diversified colors, the wood fiber being fully covered. This finish can also be executed with a fiber highlight by the brushing technique.

Wood essences

from which the veneer for entrance doors and windows is made:

Color samples

veneer for entrance doors and windows made of laminated wood

- indicative material -




! DISCLAIMER : This is indicative material. The colours, textures and finishes presented are indicative and may vary from actual samples.
To make a choice of the finish of future entrance doors or windows please request and view a real sample (ITAL STYL pallets).

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