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In the more than 16 years since we started our activity we have been constantly accompanied by a concern to bring the new into everything we do. We came to the conclusion that success is, first of all, the adaptability to the requirements of the moment, but also the confirmation coming from the beneficiaries of our products, to whom we offer customized solutions. We do this through direct communication, aiming to achieve each time the best finality, the optimal solution from a technical and aesthetic point of view. Moreover, in our country, each product is treated as a unique piece, being given special attention along the way from the sketch to the end. Thus, our customers have the satisfaction of quality, of the job well done, even after years of use, be it doors, windows or parquet. Our passion for quality is found in the smallest details that, most of the time, make a difference.
Our target is to innovate, to bring to the market products at an increasingly high level of quality, which will turn your home into the home you wanted so much.
Make to order being our main bussiness production strategy, Ital Styl offers: interior doors, entrance doors, windows and doors for terraces, parquet. The interior doors created by us are designed to integrate perfectly into the environment they will be part of, standing out through the high quality of materials, finishes and great design. From the manufacturing system standpoint, the design being of classic or modern inspiration, our models of interior doors are grouped into 6 different collections: Modern, Style, Baroque, Sara, Graf, E-line. Entrance doors can have classic or modern design, made of wood or wood-aluminum. Also having a wooden and wood-aluminum structure, window solutions are adaptable to architecture, whether it's new houses or constructions or heritage buildings or restored buildings. The parquet produced by us is recommended for houses with a healthy microclimate, being recommended for underfloor heating. We offer you the opportunity to solve in one place both the interior and exterior carpentry, as well as the parquet, plinth or special interior paneling. In this website we present you just a part of what we can offer you, precisely because we intend to be open and to respond to any challenges of imagination and good taste of each of you. For details on offers, production deadlines, transport, assembly, etc., please contact us. 

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